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Oct. 14th, 2009




Jackson Browne is going on a solo acoustic tour starting November 1st! How did I not know about this until just now? Argh, and all the dates near me are selling out quickly. I can't call Noah and talk to him about the dates because he doesn't have his cell phone with him. Argh! This is going to be an epic tour. I MUST see it!

Jul. 30th, 2009

Jackson Browne - bard in blue


New Song

New song "Here" to debut in the film Shrink

(Warning: website autoplays music, you might want to turn your sound off before clicking.)

Sep. 22nd, 2008

Inner Simpson


TOMORROW (9/23): New Album & a TV Appearance!

So tomorrow (Tuesday, September 23) is to be a red-letter day — not only will we be treated to Time the Conqueror, Mr. Browne's first studio album in some six years, but he will also be making a television appearance, ostensibly to promote the record.

I say "ostensibly" because the show in question will be Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, easily one of my favorite programs... and one in which the interviews frequently veer into unpredictable subject matter. If you've never seen the show, head over to the Colbert Nation to watch some clips and acclimate yourself to Stephen's... well, unique-ness.

Personally, I'd expect a pun or two along the lines of granola-eating and tree-hugging from Stephen, a rip or two having to do with nuclear power, and some hints that Jackson should take Stephen on tour with him (Stephen's dream is to shred). If you miss the show Tuesday night, Comedy Central re-runs The Daily Show and The Colbert Report the next morning, so check your local listings and call in sick if you have to. XD

And the next night, Wednesday, Mr. Browne will be on Rock Line with Bob Coburn. Surf on over there to find an affiliate station in your area or to find out how to listen online.

Meanwhile, new albums mean tours: check tour dates here. Los Angelinos, I'll see you at Amoeba on the seventh. :3

Mar. 31st, 2008

billy joel (uptown_grl_gfx)


(no subject)

Aww, it looks like no one really posts here! :( So I will!

I've always been a fan of Jackson Browne, I grew up hearing him on the radio and whatnot. But I really got into him in the past year or so, when I fell in love with Warren Zevon. Jackson is such an amazing singer/songwriter, certainly one of the best. My favorite songs of his are The Load Out, I'm The Cat, Somebody's Baby, and These Days.

I got his new Solo Acoustic Vol 2, and it's amazing! I'm seeing him in concert on Friday night, and I'm very very excited :D

I suppose that's all!


PS: I made my icon, feel free to use it just please credit me :) Thanks!

Mar. 28th, 2008


Greg Copeland

I'm trying to track down Greg Copeland, whose only album, Revenge Will Come, Jackson Browne produced in 1982. I need to speak with Copeland for my book, Everything Is an Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson. Any information anybody might have will be greatly appreciated.

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