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billy joel (uptown_grl_gfx)

thefuturist88 in roadandsky

Aww, it looks like no one really posts here! :( So I will!

I've always been a fan of Jackson Browne, I grew up hearing him on the radio and whatnot. But I really got into him in the past year or so, when I fell in love with Warren Zevon. Jackson is such an amazing singer/songwriter, certainly one of the best. My favorite songs of his are The Load Out, I'm The Cat, Somebody's Baby, and These Days.

I got his new Solo Acoustic Vol 2, and it's amazing! I'm seeing him in concert on Friday night, and I'm very very excited :D

I suppose that's all!


PS: I made my icon, feel free to use it just please credit me :) Thanks!


I feel the same way about his music, but he does have a few great upbeat tunes as well :D Thanks!
And it comes back to life!

I suppose it doesn't help that my own 'net access is so hit-and-miss these days.

Enjoy the concert! I'll be taking in the music on the 23rd, myself. ^_~
I will definitely enjoy the concert :D I hope you enjoy yours too!! :D