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The Road And The Sky

Road and Sky
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This is a community set up for fans of folk rock musician Jackson Browne. The aim is to have friendly, scholarly discussions of his music, share Jackson-related anecdotes, keep one another up-to-date on news, things like that. As long as it doesn't resemble a Jerry Springer show, I'll be happy.

I'm chibi_faolan, your friendly community mod/rocker (mocker?). Should I prove unreachable for days or weeks (as is sometimes the case), she has full authority to warn, block, ban, or bludgeon. I don't expect members to behave themselves or keep conversation strictly on subject -- posting pictures from a recent trip to Sedona would be fine, for example; a debate on whether Rufus Wainwright sounds eerily similar to Mr. Browne is perfectly acceptable.

I also own and manage Rock Me on the Water, the Jackson Browne Fanlisting site. It's an open list, so everyone here is warmly invited to surf over and join!

Jackson fans, from what I've observed, are a friendly lot, so I don't think I'll be opening a can of worms to say that I don't expect or intend to exercise my moderator-ship unless there's some really weird celestial alignment of some sort.